Meet The Team

Our friendly team at the Portsmouth Mental Health Hub are here to help. Find out more about our team.

Steve – Mental Health Facilitator

After 10 years working for South Central Ambulance Service in various roles, Steve decided to move back to his hometown and work with adult mental health services, an aspect of his previous role he found interesting and engaging.

“Adult mental health was an aspect of my previous role I always found interesting and wanted to help further.”

Fun Fact
Steve is a bass guitar player, with 3 top 40 Long Plays

Megan – Access to Mental Health Practitioner

Megan joined the team after practising as a Mental Health Nurse and seeing first hand the difficulty people have accessing support for their mental health.

“I came into this role to help make a positive difference in the route to mental health in Portsmouth.”

Fun Fact
Megan’s currently learning Spanish in her free time.

Zoe – Mental Health Facilitator

Zoe worked in secondary mental health and joined the team to help bridge the gap between services.

“I want to bridge the gap between services and make it as easy as possible for people to be able to access the support they need.”

Fun Fact
Zoe can do basic sign language

Alex – Mental Health Facilitator

Alex came to the team after struggling with her own mental health and wanted to play her part in making favourable changes to accessing mental health in Portsmouth.

“I wanted to be a part of helping others to get the support they need instead of struggling in silence.”

Fun Fact
Alex’s goal is to hike all 214 Wainwright fells in the Lake District

Anna – Mental Health Facilitator

Anna worked for Solent NHS Trust for two years before moving into adult mental health. She came into this role because she wanted to make people feel supported and heard.

“My role enables me to work with a lovely team and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Fun Fact
Anna has a grumpy looking cat called Gordon

Hannah – Clinical Manager

Hannah has 15 years’ experience as a mental health nurse. Hannah recognises how challenging it is to reach a person that can help you, especially when you are unwell. Hannah sees the Portsmouth Mental Health Hub as the avenue to better access in Portsmouth.

“I encourage my team to go above and beyond to make the journey clearer and easy for those at the other end of the phone.”

Fun Fact
Hannah enjoys body combat and exercise, which helps her to release stress

Jo – Mental Health Facilitator

Jo has over 20 years’ experience in secondary care as a radiology and nursing assistant. These experiences motivated Jo to make a difference in mental health and how it is accessed.

“I wanted a challenge and to help make a difference within the community.”

Fun Fact
Jo would love to go sky diving

Aslima – Enhanced Mental Health Facilitator

Aslima is working as part of the Island City Primary Care Network, and comes from a Psychology and Counselling background with years of experience working in different mental health settings.

“I understand how hard it can be to get support for mental health. This is why it is so important to bridge the gap between primary and secondary care to make sure patients get the right help through the right services like the Portsmouth mental health hub.”

Fun Fact
Aslima can play the flute.

Wayne – Enhanced Mental Health Facilitator

Wayne is working as part of the Portsmouth North Primary Care Network, and has been supporting people with their mental health and addictions since moving back to England in 2014.

“Reaching mental health support is changing, we want all doors to be open so that everybody has somebody to talk to right now. The exciting part is we can all work together for everybody else.”

Fun Fact
Wayne has two Labradors called Silver and ash, a cat called nova, four guinea pigs, Ecko the gecko two turtles and about 5,000 fish.

Katie – Enhanced Mental Health Facilitator

Katie is working as part of Island City Primary Care Network, and has experience working on a psychiatric inpatient ward and Paediatric intensive care unit for around 6 years. Katie is also studying in the third year of her psychology with counselling degree.

“I’m excited to support the GPs in getting people to the right support and ensuring those with mental health are getting the support they need and at an earlier stage.”

Fun Fact
Katie has two house rabbits.